In this “Need to Know” series, I will go over the various aspects of each Browns game this season! Let’s talk about the Browns losing against the Ravens in a 23-2o road loss. Got lots for you below! Let’s begin this painful analysis:

NOTE – Earlier this morning, I wrote a piece on just how absolutely horrific the referees were in Sunday’s Browns-Ravens game. If you would like to read specifically about that…


Now, here is everything else you need to know about the Browns losing 23-20 to the Ravens in Baltimore:

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett Was Actually…Good? 

Brissett went 22/27 for 258 yards. Had an especially impressive pass to wideout Amari Cooper down the left sideline for 55 yards early in the game. That type of efficiency is good to see despite the fact that he had no touchdown passes.

Besides The Five Sacks (Not Entirely His Fault)

It’s the offensive line’s job to prevent sacks. However, the quarterback needs to have an awareness of oncoming defenders, too. Getting knocked to the ground five times is not going to win games.

Team Struggled Again On Third Downs 

This seems like a common theme in each game. This time it was 2/11 on third down against the Ravens.

Nick Chubb Still Needs More Carries Despite Improvement From Last Week

Chubb did get 16 rushes for 91 yards (5.7 average) and a touchdown. However, it’d be nice to see him in the 20’s for rushes. In last week’s disastrous loss to the Patriots, Chubb only had 12 carries for 56 yards (4.7 average) and no touchdowns. This is certainly an improvement.

Running Back Kareem Hunt Needs To Be Traded 

It’s just not working anymore. This team needs to be entirely based on running the ball with RB Nick Chubb. They could get something of value for Hunt in a deal.

David Njoku Has a High Ankle Sprain and Will Miss 2-5 Weeks

While it will not require surgery, Njoku will be out a substantial amount of time and this is a huge blow to the Browns. He is a great receiver and one of Brissett’s favorite targets on the team. The already-struggling passing attack will now be even worse.

Defense Wasn’t As Bad As They Usually Are

While the Browns defense wasn’t great, they only gave up 23 points. That’s not terrible and will win a lot of games. Certainly, an improvement from last week against the Patriots (35-13 loss).

Should Coach Stefanski Get Fired? 

Last week’s loss was more on the coach. This week was more on officiating. Stefanski didn’t make any noticeably bad decisions. However, the Browns are now 2-5 and in last place in the AFC North. If the front office has simply had enough, well, that would be it.

Overall, this Browns game compared to most was hard to judge due to the poor officiating. However, a loss is a loss just like a win is a win. The Browns did lose and they are now in a very tough spot at 2-5 in last place in the division with a matchup against the Bengals (4-3) on Monday Night Football (Halloween) upcoming in Cleveland.

Disappointment. Aren’t we used to it?

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