This specific article about the Browns’ 28-14 loss over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in Pitt is a part of my “Need to Know” series which goes through everything you need to know for each Browns game!

I would like to thank you all for reading these as this is the last game of the season in a year the Browns finish out with a 7-10 record.

We appreciate your supposed despite the disappointing finish to a season filled with ups and downs for the Cleveland team.

The Steelers Won’t Be Making The Playoffs Either 

Despite the fact that the Steelers beat the Browns, they won’t be making the playoffs either because of a Dolphins’ 11-6 win over the Jets. Pittsburgh needed them to lose or tie as well as the Patriots to have a loss or tie. Since the Jets lost, it’s not like the Browns even had the opportunity to knock out the Steelers themselves.

The Browns Fired Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods 

Yes, this news broke Monday morning! DETAILS ON THAT CLICK HERE.

Browns Kevin Stefanski said he informed Joe Woods of his termination last night: “Not an easy decision…he’s a great, great man…I just felt like it was in the best interest of our football team to go in that direction.”

QB DeShaun Watson Struggled 

Watson went 19/29 and threw two interceptions. He did have 240 passing yards and two touchdowns as well, but it was overall a very mediocre performance from the starter. It’s going to be a long offseason of discussing the merits of Watson at quarterback and if he truly is capable of being the starter that leads the team all the way. Get ready to chat with your peers!


Running Back Nick Chubb Only Had 12 Attempts 

The star did have 77 rushing yards and also five receptions for 45 yards and a touchdown. However, it would’ve been nice to see the rusher get more attempts throughout the affair, especially at the beginning of the game. Chubb finishes the season with 1525 yards (89.7 yards per game) and 12 touchdowns rushing in an incredible season for the top back.

Browns Sacked Seven Times

The offensive line certainly struggled and it led to Watson having a tough game. Getting sacked seven times is not an easy thing to endure and Watson had to endure that as well as continue to make plays while under pressure.

Team Was Penalized Nine Times 

The referees made a couple of tough calls that many would disagree with throughout the game. Even so, the Browns lost 65 yards due to penalties and that’s just simply not going to cut it.

This was NOT called a penalty!

There’s Always Next Year…Right? 

The Browns lost their final game of the season and it’s yet another year of not making the playoffs. All we fans have to look forward to is building a better roster and coaching staff in an attempt to contend next year.




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