April 14, 2024

In this “Need to Know” series, I will go over the various aspects of each Browns game this season! Let’s talk about the Browns sadly losing to the Falcons, 23-20. Got lots for you below! Let’s begin:

Take The Points 

It was Fourth and Three from the Atlanta four yard line with 10:30 to go in the first quarter. Instead of kicking a field goal and taking the points, coach Stefanski decides to go go it and is unsuccessful. No points instead of three points…

Hold on to the Ball

With 3:05 to go in the first quarter Brissett fired a pass to TE David Njoku. He caught it – great. Then, subsequently fumbled the football recovered by the Falcons and stalling the drive. They had great field position already up 3-0.

Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Kept the team in the Game 

Chubb had 19 rushes for 118 yards and a touchdown (6.2 yards per carry). Hunt had 10 rushes for 49 yards (4.9 yards carry). Both of these two are dominant forces on the Browns.

Jacoby Brissett is the Definition of a Game Manager 

21/35 for 234 yards and one interception. Again, not great or terrible stats. Unsure if this quarterback could lead a team.

It Was Clear Both Garrett and Clowney were out. 

The Browns were only able to get a single sack and the Falcons had 202 rushing yards and completely dominated down the stretch.

Third Down Efficiency Was Terrible

5/14 on third down were the Browns and that is not going to win football games. That needs to be worked on this week.

Penalties, Penalties, Penalties 

The Browns had seven penalties for 51 yards compared to the Falcons having a single penalty for 15 yards. Clearly, that lack of discipline is not going to help this team, especially when the other team only has one single penalty.

Steelers and Ravens Both Lost 

The Steelers lost at home to the Jets, 24-20. the Ravens lost at home as well to the Bills, 23-20. These losses could become crucial down the stretch of this season when fighting for a playoff spot.

Browns LED the Total Yards, Time of Possession

Total yards were 403 to 333 and time of possession was 35:44 to 24:16. You’d think the winning team would be the leader in those categories…

Guardians Beat The Royals, 7-5

Hey, at least one Cleveland team won today. Looking forward to the playoffs coming up!

Next Week Versus Chargers Back at Home 

The team must find a way to bounce-back against a very mediocre team in the Los Angeles Chargers. Not saying it’s a “must win” this early in the season, but it’s crucial in order to get back on track after this horrific loss.

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