February 20, 2024

Need to Know: Browns Lose Killer to Chargers – 30-28


In this “Need to Know” series, I will go over the various aspects of each Browns game this season! Let’s talk about the Browns sadly losing to the Chargers, 30-28. Got lots for you below! Let’s begin this painful analysis:

K Cade York Went From Legend to Most Hated Man in Cleveland

York made an amazing field goal way back when in a game against the Panthers from 58 yards out to win the game 26-24. This game he missed two kicks from 54 yards (game loser) and 45 yards with seconds left in the first half.

QB Jacoby Brissett Was Great Until That Last Poor Decision

Brissett went 21/34 for 230 yards and one touchdown. However, his last interception in the red zone gave the Browns a much less chance to win the game. He should have just tucked it and run for the first down or touchdown.

I’d Consider Firing Kevin Stefanski and I’m Not Even Kidding

It seems like every game this team finds a way to blow it. I’m getting sick and tired of this brand of football. Aren’t you? Fire this guy and let’s move on to someone that can win games.

RB Nick Chubb Was Amazing as Always

This back had 17 rushes for 134 yards (7.9 average) and two touchdowns! His highlight was a 41-yard touchdown run. He’s the best running back in the entire NFL – no question about it. The Browns are so lucky to not only have him but also RB Kareem Hunt as a compliment too.

DE Myles Garrett and DE Jadeveon Clowney Did Very Little

It was great that both of them were playing especially after to horrific incident Myles went through, but neither of them had any sacks. It showed with how well Chargers QB Justin Herbert was able to play. 22/34, 228 yards for a TD.

Manage the End of the Clock Better

The Browns needed to take the time that the team had left on the clock and get Cade York in a better field position for an easier kick – closer than 54 yards. He missed the kick from distance and that was the game.

Rush defense Was awful

The Chargers had a whopping 238 yards rushing on the day. That is absolutely terrible and will not win any games. If you don’t want to fire Stefanski, go ahead and fire defensive coordinator Joe Woods. What a joke.

Go Cleveland Guardians! 

Hey, at least our Guardians baseball team won the wildcard series over the Tampa Bay Rays and the team is moving on to the series against the New York Yankees! That starts on Tuesday – Time TBD



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