April 15, 2024

Need to Know: Browns Embarrass Themselves in Cleveland vs. Patriots


In this “Need to Know” series, I will go over the various aspects of each Browns game this season! Let’s talk about the Browns embarrassing themselves against the Patriots in a 38-15 home loss. Got lots for you below! Let’s begin this painful analysis:

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski has Clearly Lost This Team 

I actually wrote an article write after the game explaining why Stefanski should be fired. Want to read that? CLICK HERE

It’s obvious that these players just don’t care and are not playing with the fire and intensity it takes to win football games. Also, there are a ton of questionable decisions made by Stefanski this season that should be noted.

Running Back Nick Chubb Only Had 12 Rushes 

Arguably the best running back in the league only got the ball 12 times (56 yards total). That is not going to win games. Compare this to the week three Browns win over the Steelers where Chubb had 23 carries for 113 yards and a touchdown. Big difference and it shows.

Browns Turned The Ball Over Four Times 

Can’t win games by turning the ball over that many times. Very simple.

Browns 4/15 on Third Down

Have to be more effective on third down to continue drives and hopefully put more points on the board. A 26.6% on third down is not going to cut it. Moreover, it’d be better to not even get to third down to begin with that much and be more efficient on offense in general.

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett is Not Good, Mediocre At Best 

Earlier in the season, there was plenty of talk about Brissett being a solid quarterback to serve before DeShaun Watson returns in Week 13 against the Texans in Houston. Now, he’s starting to show that he is simply a backup. He went 21/45 (46.6%) for 266 yards, one touchdown compared to two interceptions. It’s more than the stats show, though. He missed reads on so many wide-open receivers that could’ve changed the game.

Kicker Cade York Decided to Show Up 

After missing two field goals last week against the Chargers, York went 3/3 in kicks including one from 51 yards. Glad to see him connecting.

Patriots With Nearly 400 Yards 

While that is not good for a defense to give up (399 total), a lot of the reason the Patriots didn’t have even more yards is that the Browns turned the ball over and shortened the field for them.

Star Defensive End Myles Garrett is Now a Record Holder 

Defensive end Myles Garrett now leads the Browns in sacks after a forced fumble sack in this Patriots game. He Broke Clay Matthew’s 62 sack mark. The coolest part about this record is Matthews played in 232 games and Garrett did this in 72 games. Congrats to Myles!

Harrison Jr., AJ Green Made Big Blunders Late For Browns Special Teams

Ronnie Harrison Jr. had an opportunity to recover an onside kick and the ball was in his hands. He let it get away from him and while it was recovered by AJ Green of the Browns, he was partially out of bounds so it didn’t count. The Patriots took over with 6:16 left in the game up by a score of 24-15 (two scores) and that was it…

Bottom Line: This Team is in Trouble 

The Browns are now 2-4 and completely deflated. Next week’s game in Baltimore will be tough followed by a home game against Cincinnati on Monday Night Football before the bye week. It’s hard to see them winning both of those games with the way everything is going.

Go Guardians!


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