February 26, 2024

Need to Know: Browns Beat Tom Brady and Bucs in OT!!!


This specific article about the Browns’ win over the Bucs is a part of my “Need to Know” series which goes through everything you need to know for each Browns game!

The Browns Finally Won 

It’s not a typo! The Browns beat the Bucs, 23-17, in overtime at First Energy Stadium! A Nick Chubb short run sealed the deal for the Dawgs!

Thank You, Quarterback Jacoby Brissett  

Despite the fact that the Browns went 4-7 on the year with Brissett at quarterback, he passed for 2608 yards (64.1%), 12 touchdowns compared to only six interceptions. Not all of the losses can be pegged on the quarterback. This team has work to do in all facets.

Nick Chubb Was Well, Nick Chubb 

26 rushes for 116 yards and a BIG touchdown in overtime! Note that Chubb also had a 16-yard catch in the game as well! He officially passed the 1,000-yard mark for the season as well in this game.

Amari Cooper Was Able To Redeem Himself 

Cooper had seven receptions for 94 yards on the day. It was a HUGE 45-yard overtime catch that redeemed a late 4th quarter drop that Cooper made on a ball right in his hands. Could’ve cost the team the game, honestly. Very uncharacteristic of him!

Must Work on Third Downs

The Browns went 5/17 on third down. That is absolutely terrible and seems to be a common theme this season. Will not win most games with that type of play.

David Njoku Catch Was UNREAL 

Njoku made a one-handed 12-yard catch in the end zone for a touchdown. It was across the middle with just seconds left in the 14th quarter. That play saved the game! It made the score 17-17 and pushed it to OT where to Browns would win.

Really Like This CB Martin Emerson Jr. Rookie 

This cornerback out of Mississippi State held superstar wideout Mike Evans to just two catches for 31 yards in the game. That’s big-time play!

Browns Beat Tom Brady in Likely Last Matchup Against a Possible GOAT 

Quarterback Tom Brady was 7-1 against the Browns for his career. The win pushed that to 7-2 and was certainly a signature victory. This could be his last season ever and he’ll go out with a loss to Cleveland in his final year!

Running Win Games 

The Browns had 189 rushing yards compared to the Bucs only having 96. Who won the game? BROWNS. Simple as that…

Let’s Build on This With The Upcoming QB Change 

Well, the Browns face the Houston Texans next week with DeShaun Watson as the starting quarterback on the road. It’s going to be an exciting time for this team with a fresh start. So happy Brissett got a win in what will likely be his last start in Cleveland. He certainly earned a spot as a starter on another team next season with his play here on the Browns.

Now you know! Let’s go Browns! Great win and the rest of the season is going to build on what could actually be an exciting future!


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