This specific article about the Browns’ 24-10 win over the Washington Commanders on Sunday in Wash. is a part of my “Need to Know” series which goes through everything you need to know for each Browns game!

That Was The Worst Half of Football of My Life 

The two teams combined for 10 points and a score of 7-3 with the Commanders on top. It felt like a game between minor-league football teams was occurring.

Yes, the Browns Haven’t Lost a Game All Year Long 

I was that guy…

Loved What I Saw From DeShaun Watson in Second Half 

Watson fired three touchdown passes and seemed to finally gain control of the game after a seemingly disappointing first half.

RB Nick Chubb Was…Well, RB Nick Chubb 

In only 14 attempts, Chubb rushed for 104 yards in the game. That’s 7.4 yards per carry which is excellent. Most importantly, he did not sustain any injuries (at all) but anything that could hurt him in the future.

WR Amari Cooper Showed What Next Season Could Hold 

Yes, he only had three catches. However, two of those were for touchdowns and it was a total of 105 yards for the game. That’s the type of football we want to see from our star wideout. Hopefully, it’s the beginning of a connection between Watson/Cooper for years to come.

Browns Helped Packers and Their Chance to Make Playoffs

With the Browns’ win over the Commanders, the Packers now just have to win their Week 18 matchup against the Detroit Lions on the road to make it to the playoffs. You’re welcome, Aaron Rodgers.

No Turnovers 

The Browns had no turnovers in the entire game. Let’s set that trend for this upcoming season!

No Tanking Cause of Watson Deal…Sort of

Since the Browns do not have a first-round pick because of the DeShaun Watson trade, winning games late in the season is actually not bad. Sure, it may change where the team picks later in the draft, but nothing that would amount to anything significant.

A Win is a Win 

This was certainly not the prettiest of wins for the Browns. Nor did it really carry that much significance for the team moving forward after already being eliminated from the playoffs. Even so, it was nice to see the team win the game and especially because there is no taking involved late in this season.

Go Browns! In Week 18 the team plays against the Steelers on the road to close out this season. Pittsburgh is 8-8 on the year.


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