This specific article about the Browns’ 23-10 loss over the Cincinnati Bengals is a part of my “Need to Know” series which goes through everything you need to know for each Browns game!

Watson still looks like a quarterback that’s been off for two years…

The numbers may look fine. After all, Watson did throw for 276 yards, a touchdown and only one interception. However, just by watching the game itself, one could tell that something is still certainly missing in chemistry. These guys have a lot of work to do before they’re going to be great.

Where was running back Nick Chubb?

Chubb had 14 rushes which is not enough, to begin with in a game. It only amounted to 34 total yards on the ground. Yes, he did have three catches for 20 yards, but that still isn’t enough.

Rushing yards in general…

The Bengals had 136 total rushing yards compared to the Browns only with 71. That’s not going to win games…and it didn’t.

Donovan Peoples-Jones has the potential to truly be a great receiver.

The Browns receiver had eight catches for 114 yards (long of 28). Those are some pretty reliable numbers for a single receiver in a game. Watson and DPJ should continue to work together and build upon this game despite the loss.

Penalties were a killer 

The Browns had nine penalties for 98 total yards compared to the Bengals only having four for 36 total yards. Who won the game? Right. It felt like there was a penalty against the Browns every single play.

Third Down Efficiency was bad for both teams.

This is a crucial stat and both teams struggled. The Browns went 4/15 on 3rd down and the Bengals went 6/15. That’s not going to cut it for either team and both coaches should focus on that this upcoming week, especially the Browns who lost because of it.

It’s Over For The Browns.

With this loss, the Browns are now 5-8. With the extended 17-game season, the Browns would have to win out and then have some luck with opponents losing to even have a chance at making it to the playoffs.

Well, this was certainly a frustrating loss on the road to the Bengals with our new franchise quarterback. However, we have to remember that this is going to be a process and one that can take more than a single season. Hopefully, the team will be able to improve to finish this year and propel to next year on a high note. There is a lot of talent there, it’s just a matter of putting it all together for the future.

Next week, the Browns play the 9-4 Ravens at home in Cleveland. That’s going to be a tough test in front of the home fans. We will see if the team can pull out a difficult win…



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