Need To Know: A Season Saver! Browns Win a Big One Over Bengals on MNF


In this “Need to Know” series, I will go over the various aspects of each Browns game this season! Let’s talk about the Browns beating the Bengals in a 32-13 domination in Cleveland. It was a Monday Night Football battle! Got lots for you below! Let’s begin this exciting analysis:

This Win Was A Season-Saver, Job Saver 

Head coach Kevin Stefanski was facing the task of trying to improve the Browns’ horrific 2-5 record. Had the team lost going to 2-6 with a bye week for the front office to think about it, there certainly could’ve been changes made. Well, the team won a thriller and that won’t be a worry. Still, a lot of work to be done, though!

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett Certainly Held His Own

Brissett went 17/22 for 278 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for a diving touchdown, too. Those are some solid numbers that can win games (as shown).

Running Back Nick Chubb Finally Got His 

Chubb carried the ball 23 times for 101 yards and two touchdowns. Wow, the Browns dominated when Chubb got a ton of carries! What a concept.


Wide Receiver Amari Cooper is a Star

Five catches for 131 yards and a touchdown. The true highlight of the game was the 53-yard diving grab down the left side in the 4th quarter.

I’m Sorry, Myles 

I wrote an article complaining about Myles Garrett decorating his front yard because the team was losing so much. Well, with the victory it feels a bit better. Read that article by CLICKING HERE. Garrett had 1.5 sacks and a pass deflection that led to an interception.

Defense, in General, Was Great 

The team only allowed 13 points. That’ll win most games. The Bengals had two turnovers, were sacked five times and went 4/10 on third-down attempts. The Browns truly held their own.

Browns Now 5-0 vs. Bengals in Stefanski Era 

This is a crazy cool stat. Since Stefanski became head coach of the Browns at the beginning of 2020, the team is now 5-0 against the Bengals. Keep that up against Cincinnati and every single other team!

Overall, it was a thrilling night. From it being Halloween to a Monday Night Football battle. Moreover, against an AFC North rival in a rocking First Energy Stadium, the Browns destroyed the Bengals and saved the season. Additionally, we fans have two weeks to relish in the win and get excited about future matchups.

Certainly, there is lots of work to be done and this season is far from completely fixed. However, the first step was made in the win and that is wonderful.

Next step? A road battle at Miami against the Dolphins on the 13th!


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