Need a Run-Stopper? Cleveland, Meet LSU’s Devin White

It has been a long time since the Browns weren’t at the top of the draft. While it’s great to have a high pick, it also doesn’t say a whole lot for the results of your season that placed you there. This coming April, the Browns find themselves with the 17th overall pick, symbolizing a remarkable turnaround after recent seasons that left many a Browns fan wondering when we’ll climb out of this pit of despair.

With a new chess master in place when it comes to the roster (thank you, John Dorsey), the team improved their record from 0-16 to 7-8-1, thus landing Cleveland in the middle of the first round. While they don’t necessarily have the world at their fingertips, there are a number of potential picks, all of whom can suit the Browns’ needs in one form or another. There is Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker, South Carolina wide receiver Deebo Samuel and Michigan linebacker Devin Bush, just to name a few. There is another Devin who could be in the Browns’ draft crosshairs too, LSU’s Devin White.

The 6’1”, 240-pound linebacker and 2018 Butkus Award winner has attracted the attention of numerous NFL scouts as White and other prospects gear up for this week’s NFL Combine. White’s accolades in college are too numerous to mention here, but outside of the Butkus Award last year, it is worth mentioning he captured the SEC Defensive Player of the Week no less than half a dozen times. According to, in three seasons as a Tiger, the bruising linebacker accumulated 114 solo tackles, 172 assisted tackles, 8.5 sacks, nine passes defended, one interception, four forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries.

Although Devin White never found the end zone in college, we don’t need to worry about that being held against him. With the Browns needing an emphasis on stopping the run, White could be just the man for the job. Whether or not he wears brown and orange in two months remains to be seen. Of the two major factors weighing into this is, one, does Dorsey value this position the most, and if so, is Devin White at the top of his list for the linebacker spot? The second factor is regardless of whether John Dorsey wants White here or not, will White still be on the board by the time the 17th pick rolls around?

Some sources peg him going 10th to Detroit. Even if that doesn’t happen, more than half the league gets to draft in front of Cleveland this year. That translates to a lot of quality players being gone by the time we’re up to announce our guy. With that being said, that’s not committed to a mindset that we will have run dry by that point. Quite the contrary, as there is plenty of defensive talent to be had in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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