April 20, 2024

NBA Trade Deadline: Cavaliers Deal JaVale McGee To Nuggets



The trade deadline for the NBA 2021 season is here and it is alive and well. The Cleveland Cavaliers just pulled off a trade sending C JaVale McGee to the Denver Nuggets. In return, the Cavs have acquired PF/C Isaiah Hartenstein and two future second-round picks that are protected.

Overall, I am really impressed with this trade the Cavs made. Isaiah Hartenstein is a young player that still needs to be developed, but can be a great asset to this young Cavs organization. The other intriguing thing is the two second-round picks the Cavs obtained in this trade.

This gives the Cavs an opportunity to create more young and exciting talent onto the court. Overall, JaVale McGee was a decent asset for the Cavs. In his last appearance against the Sacramento Kings, he put up 18 points with nine rebounds and three assists. As much of a help McGee was for the Cavs, I feel that this trade has made the team better.

Isaiah Hartenstein has not played much with the Nuggets. In his last appearance with the Nuggets, he had a total of four points and three rebounds. The Nuggets have not used Hartenstein much, but a new atmosphere might give him an opportunity to play. I am hoping he fits well with the Cavs, considering that he could bring some improvement to the team.

The two future protected second-round draft picks are exciting to obtain as well. This gives the Cavs an opportunity to draft some possible talent for the future. Overall, I will give the Cavs the win in this trade over the Nuggets. Yes, the Nuggets obtained a great asset, but the Cavs are getting set up for a bright future.

Cleveland…we have got to work with what we have! The Cavs are staying competitive and this trade will make them even more competitive for future seasons to come!

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