NBA Players Are Too Entitled and Fans Don’t Like It


First our very own Kyrie Irving last summer and now San Antonio’s Kawhi Leanord this year both want out of their respective cities. Kyrie, shipped to Boston hastily in a trade that didn’t end up paying off for the Cavs – we still await what will happen with Kawhi’s situation in San Antonio. However, it could drastically affect what LeBron James ends up doing.

These players sign contracts and agree to terms without a gun being pointed at their¬†heads. I don’t understand why they are just allowed to demand a trade and get what they want? What if owners just decided to not pay you if you had a bad game? That would cause an uproar and is illegal due to…wait for it… a contractual obligation.

Here’s what the rule should be.

If you want to get traded, fine. But a team doesn’t have to trade you by any means (maybe they’ll be nice) and if you hold out and don’t play during the season you don’t get your paychecks. By signing a contract, you agreed to terms to play. In any other job, if you don’t do your job you just get fired. If you quit, you don’t get paid.

These players are so entitled and think the world revolves around them and the media, including us at CST, make that the reality especially when it comes to LeBron watch. Literally, anything that is said about his potential decision is breaking news.

Kyrie Irving screwed over the Cavs and the team never really recovered despite a bunch of trades and other moves made throughout the season. Yes, they made it back to the NBA Finals just to get swept by the Golden State Warriors.

If Kawhi Leonard gets his wish and is traded to the Los Angeles Lakers despite being under contract with the Spurs, it could end up being what sends LeBron out West.

So the team getting hosed the most out of these two moves are, yes, our very own Cleveland Cavaliers.

If you are so bothered by the team you play for, go ahead and quit. But you shouldn’t be paid to holdout and your team shouldn’t have to make a poor trade just to resolve the issue.

Even if the ownership made you all of these promises and they failed to act on them, it’s not like that was in the actual contract. It’s just unfortunate that they could not come through.

Unless it’s a legal matter like assault or racism, those could be considered exceptions.

Kawhi should finish out his contract in San Antonio and sign with a team he likes next summer. It’s the same with what Kyrie Irving should’ve done here in Cleveland. These players make soooo much more money to than the average person and they act like babies about it.

I believe adding this clause about holding out would keep a lot of guys in check.


Image: ESPN

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