It’s late and I can’t sleep. I got a lot going on in this wonderful life of mine and while trying to fall asleep, 2016 NBA Finals Game 7 highlights flash through this brain of mine. “The Block,” “The Shot,” LeBron’s Speech.” All that good stuff. It truly never gets old.

Recently, I’ve been analyzing different parts of said Finals. Mainly parts that people either never talk about or forgot about. I mean, look at all these articles of mine. Feel free to click and read as it’s starting to turn into an addiction…

The Block (LeBron)

JR Smith Helping Make The Block Possible

The Made Foul Shot  (LeBron)

The Questionable No-Call (LeBron driving to the hoop)

Well, in order to get to four, it takes one to start. After getting absolutely destroyed on the road in Game 1 (104-89) and Game 2 (110-77), the Cavs did come home and actually win by a score of 120-90. Yeah, it wasn’t just a win, but an absolute throttling on the home floor.

LeBron had 32, Kyrie had 30, Jr had 20 and Tristan with 14 of his own. The Warriors clearly struggled as Steph only had 19, Klay with 10 and Draymond with six. Only allowing the Warriors to score 90 points (42.1% shooting) is a huge achievement with that firepower roster.

Also, keep in mind that Kevin Love was out with a concussion…

The Cavs get frankly no credit for coming home after getting destroyed not once but twice on the road and actually winning Game 3. I believe this is because of the disappointing Game 4 in which the Warriors came back after losing Game 3 and won (108-97) in Cleveland.

This is where we get to the 3-1 that will never be forgotten.

No, this is by no means trying to discredit the Cavs’ three-game winning streak to take home the title. It’s just to simply remind fans that there was a previous game before it that even allowed for such a streak to occur. That an impressive bounce-back gave the Cavs their first win of the series.

With this year’s NBA Playoffs starting soon and the (4) Cavs facing the (5) New York Knicks in the first round, let’s try not to follow this aforementioned recipe. After all, those 2016 Cavs are the only team to come back in The Finals down 3-1 and one of a few to do it in a playoff series down 3-1. The only difference is these Cavs have a homecourt advantage compared to the Finals Series in 2016.

How about winning the first four against New York? A nice sweep to start of the playoffs!

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