NBA Finals PG Matchup

Updated: May 31, 2017


The Cavs and the Warriors have a great amount of talent throughout their respective rosters. This is accurate when it comes to the point guard position. The point guards have had their fair share of great moments throughout the playoffs this year. This matchup, just like many others, will be a matchup to watch as the series goes on during the Finals.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie lives for these moments. He has played huge and made big plays during clutch moments in the finals of recent past. In the eight games he has played against Steph in the Finals, he is averaging 26.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 4.1 assists.

The glaring statistic that people skip over is the 2.4 steals per game he has in those games. Kyrie has not only tried to step up his game offensively but defensively as well. Kyrie will have to continue to move his feet and contest Steph to make it hard on the pure scorer.

When Kyrie sees Steph, he knows it is time to lock in and give his best effort for the Cavs so they can seal a win. Kyriediculous missed out on the first matchup of this trilogy due to fracturing his kneecap but made sure to put his stamp on the games in the second matchup.

Stephen Curry

Arguably the greatest shooter ever, Steph has played great during the playoffs this year. He is averaging a playoff career-high 28.6 points per game on 50% shooting and 43% from deep. Although in the Finals Steph does not play his best basketball, he still averages 23 points, 4.3 assists and 4.8 rebounds in the eight games Kyrie was involved in.

If the Warriors are to win, Steph will need to stop playing so carelessly with the ball. He averages a little over four turnovers during the finals. He also needs to make sure his play continues the way it has been. Last year, he had the worst finals performance by an MVP in NBA history. He cannot play not up to his normal standard if he wants his team to have a chance at winning.

Deron Williams

Deron Williams has not played excellent during the playoffs but has shown flashes of the old Deron Williams that will be needed in the finals. D-Will played well in the closeout games against the Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics; he dropped 14 points in both those games.

When he comes into the game, he will have to step up defensively. Although the games were out of hand, Deron played poor defense in the fourth quarters against players who normally would not play in the Toronto series. The Cavs will need him to slow down whoever he is tasked to guard, one of which will be Shaun Livingston.

Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston is a lanky player who plays great defensively and matches up well against the Cavs. He plays like an old school guard; he plays mid-range and in and will back you down to the basket to shoot over the top of you.

Last year, in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, he put up an impressive 20 points against the Cavs. He usually gives them a decent scoring punch and a stout effort with his energy for his team.

Livingston is used primarily for his defense, so he must continue to play well on the defensive side when his number is called to help the Warriors have their game plan be effective.

In both matchups, one of the star point guards were either hurt or injured. In the first it was Kyrie. In the second it was Steph dealing with a knee injury himself. There are no injuries this time around. There are no excuses. Hopefully, all the players will stay healthy and play their hearts out to try and help will their team to another Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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