April 20, 2024

We have reached the All-Star break for the 2023-2024 NBA season and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been on fire since the beginning of the new year. Now, even with all of the recent Cavs success, there are still ways the Cavs could improve their game.

Overall, the Cavs have been doing everything right. There is not much more the Cavs can do because at the end of the day winning games is all that matters. While watching the Cavs this season, the main thing they do need to improve on is fouls.

In the Cavs’ most recent game, where they defeated the Chicago Bulls by a final score of 108-105, the Cavs had many fouls called against them. For anyone watching this game, we all know the Cavs did their job. They came back after being down for most of the game with many lead changes happening in the 3rd and 4th periods. Even with this comeback win, there were still a lot of fouls the Cavs caused.

This is just something the Cavs need to clean up over time. Fouls are bound to happen in the NBA and like I said earlier, the Cavs are pretty much doing everything else correctly.

The team continues to mesh well together and is a threat in the Eastern Conference. At the end of the day, the Cleveland Cavaliers just need to continue to win games and all will be well. Let’s Go Cavs!!!

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