Myself & Many Others WANT to be Wrong About Baker Mayfield

I was just watching this video.

No, Mom & Dad, it wasn’t on PornHub on anything like that so we can all relax. It was a video that showed all of the interceptions that quarterback Baker Mayfield threw as a member of the Browns this past year.


And it got me thinking.

The perspective of those that intensely advocate for Baker Mayfield is that the Browns fans that are against moving forward with Mayfield in the coming years want to see him fail.

That is not the case.

It’s simply that the evidence in the said video that we saw in the past year was enough for us to believe that Mayfield is simply not the answer moving forward. We want to be wrong about this idea, though. We want to see the quarterback recover from his injury and dominate the league as quarterback of the Browns next season and beyond.

However, there are so many, “What ifs?” with Baker…

What if Baker doesn’t fully recover from his injury to his shoulder? 

What if Baker doesn’t get the proper weapons to throw the ball to from the front office?

What if Baker simply struggles with the proper reads and throws moving forward as a quarterback? 

What if this offense simply doesn’t work with Baker as quarterback?

Yes, there are some people in this world that need to be right and if they are wrong about something they cannot stand it. Of course, it doesn’t feel great to be wrong, but in this situation, it is actually for the best. It’s for the best because that would mean Baker and the Browns are having success in this upcoming season, the drama is gone and the winning is aplenty.

I like winning, don’t you?

We just finished seeing our “buddy” Odell Beckham Jr. win a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams. We saw our counterpart here in Ohio, the Cincinnati Bengals, get to that game.

Isn’t it time that our Browns finally won a Super Bowl? I don’t care if it’s Baker at quarterback or not. I just want a quarterback that can take the Browns to the Promised Land. Simple. As. That.

No, it’s not okay to have root for the Bengals because they were from Ohio. Or because you go to school in Ohio even if it’s at Cincinnati as a member of the school. Yeah, I’m talking to my brother Benny who goes to Cincy… We are Browns fans for life no matter the circumstances.

Lastly, I wanted to wish Jim Brown a Happy Birthday! 



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