Myles Garrett Wins Defensive Player of the Month

DE Myles Garrett was able to snag AFC’s Defensive Player of the Month award for his outstanding performances this past month. So far this season, he has nine sacks in only seven games and is on pace to top last seasons’ sack total by a country mile. Garrett, who was involved in a brutal on-field brawl last season, was on the fence about coming back this season and debated on hanging up his cleats and calling it quits. After the brawl, Garrett was ultimately handed down an indefinite suspension that was later repealed in February of this year.

Garret’s play this year has been more than enough to not only win player of the month but also put him in the race for Defensive Player of the Year. He is the leader in forced fumbles and sacks for this season and is a huge impact that has helped the Browns to their best record in years.

In comparison, DT Aaron Donald, who is regarded as one of the best defensive tackles of all-time, is behind Garrett in sacks, forced fumbles and tackles this year. Garrett is the best defensive end this season and he deserves to not just be the Defensive Player of the Month – but THE YEAR.

And here’s the kicker…

If he stays healthy, his numbers are only going to increase and he is looking to have a record-breaking year – at only 24 years old! Who knows what the end of the season holds for him, but I can’t stress enough about how he needs to stay healthy. The Browns main enemy this season is not a division rivalry, it’s injuries. Players are dropping like flies and the season is only about halfway done. If Garrett can stay healthy, the sky is the limit for the Browns and dare I say it, a potential playoff game.

Here’s to you, Mr. Garrett! THANK YOU!!!

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