Myles Garrett: Is it Cool to Be Cool?

Famous athletes are always being watched. Like, literally you could pee in the shower and it’ll be a story on Twitter and the web that night. Okay, hopefully, it’s not that intense, but the truth does remain about the spotlight being on these stars.

Let’s take a look at the newest example: 

The Browns lost 16-10 to the Ravens in an absolutely awful game.

In a third-quarter play, Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson was able to avoid the rush, pass down the middle to Mark Andrews for a 13-yard touchdown. It made the score 13-3 Ravens on top. It was truly a great play.

However, what people are talking about is the way amazing pass rusher Myles Garrett reacted after the play. He walks up to Jackson and “dabs” him up (photo above). Whereas fellow pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney slammed his helmet down in frustration.

My feelings are mixed on this one.

After games, aren’t players supposed to shake hands and show respect to the other team? Thus, it’s not like opposing players never interact. Even so, during a game the code, so to speak, is different. It really isn’t cool to be literally congratulating a player on a great play that made the chances for the Browns to win that much less.

In a similar fashion to Baker Mayfield not talking to the media the week before, is what Garrett did really that big of a deal? No, it’s not.

Regardless, the fans noticed it and it can be a frustrating action. Here we are after a complete trash first half trying to fight to stay in the game and it becomes even worse after the Jackson throw gets the Ravens a touchdown. Shouldn’t Garrett be extremely mad and turn the other way to the sideline instead of showing love to the opposing quarterback?

I think so.

The idea of shaking hands at the end of the game is essentially to make this not an issue for the players. That guys on opposite teams can show respect and talk with each other.

Myles, the Browns are now 6-6 and the Ravens 8-3. Maybe just maybe save it for after the game is over. It’ll stop the spotlight from being on you for silly things.

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