February 25, 2024

​Last night at the NFL Honors Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas Nevada, Myles Garrett won the 2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. This was done to the disappointment of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who thought the award should have gone to TJ Watt. Once again, they are wrong and here is why.

This award was not named the Defensive Sack Leader Award it was named the Defensive Player of the Year Award. That is because sacks are just one statistic in measuring a defensive performance. There are other measurements for impact on the game. Such as double or triple team blocks, holding penalties and false start penalties. Myles Garrett was game-planned for quarterbacks to stay away from him. Don’t forget the horrific officiating that would not only let him be held, but he would also practically get tackled right in front of a referee. That happened multiple times during multiple games. An NFL player and fellow Defensive Player of the Year Nominee came to Garrett’s defense last night!

Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons Tweeted in Myles Garrett’s defense last night. He was also nominated for the award. His Tweet was in response to Steelers fans and TJ Watt himself. Watt Tweeted “Nothing I’m not used to”. Parsons essentially said that Myles was the best defensive player last season, and the fans need to watch the film. His Tweet said, “Horrible take!! Myles was the better player!! Reality of the situation! Myles faced way more double teams and affect on qbs! Fans, please stop looking at stats and look at film please!”

It would have been nice to see some humility and class come from a division rival. You would think that they might respect the game of football. Based on their behavior, I don’t see them changing anytime soon. They couldn’t show any class or dignity when Myles was holding a DPOY trophy. We shouldn’t expect them to show it when he is holding the Lombardi Trophy!

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