April 14, 2024

Reports show that this is frankly not the first time that Browns star DE Myles Garrett was stopped for speeding. According to WKYC, “Court records show the Browns star has been stopped for speeding at least six times since joining the team in 2017.”

Now, I get it.

If I was Myles Garrett or LeBron James or whatnot, I’d probably be speeding through the streets of Cleveland like I owned the city. I wouldn’t care about getting a ticket with the contract I have and such.

However, this accident of Garrett’s may serve as a wake-up call for the superstar. Maybe the speed limits are created for a reason and this is an example as to why…

Now, I hesitate to compare what Garrett has done to say the likes of Deshaun Watson because they are two totally different types of actions. Even so, it is a sort of repetitive behavior that needs to be fixed by a Browns superstar.

Now, obviously, Garrett isn’t going to be suspended for 11 games and we are just thankful that he and his passenger are doing okay.

“On Tuesday, the Browns said Garrett sustained a shoulder strain and a biceps strain in addition to minor lacerations, bruises, and bumps.”

Woah, that could’ve been much worse…

Garrett also told an officer “I think I got up to 65” when asked for speed. It is a 45 mph zone.

Now, this is my question.

I have been to University Hospitals multiple times for my bad left shoulder popping out. They give you a call light to click when you are in the emergency room for a nurse to come and help. If I click the click light, compared to Myles clicking his light, what is the speed of a nurse arriving to care for the superstar’s care compared to mine?

While I joke, UH has been wonderful to me. I think it’s important for this to be a more than football thing. Yes, we want Myles to play on Sunday against the Falcons. However, if the star needs to recover that is understandable.

Let’s just drive the speed limit moving forward and thus hopefully eliminate any further accidents. I’m glad you are okay, Myles. I am looking forward to seeing you sack more quarterbacks in future games!

The Browns certainly have a beat-up defense and this Garrett issue does not help that cause one bit.

Look at this injury report via Mary Kay Cabot:

Other players are certainly going to have to step up, especially if Myles does not play!

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