September 26, 2022

Myles Garrett and The NFL (Hopefully) Changing Roughing the Passer

I understand that the NFL wants to protect its quarterbacks and taking hits from giant defensive ends like Myles Garrett is not going to do such a thing. We all saw this happen last night in the Browns’ 23-3 win over the Jets on Monday Night Football.

Frankly, it just seems like a lot to ask to have defensive players going full speed at a quarterback to completely pull-up if the ball is released a split-second before contact is made.

We all can tell what is a cheap shot and what is just a hit trying to get a sack.

Obviously, the game against the Jets wasn’t much of a contest with practically half of their team out with injury. However, what if it is a huge game or even a playoff game? That split-second could decide a turnover on downs changed to a first down that leads to a game-winning drive for the other team. Almost like that BS pass-interference no-call in the NFC Championship Game last year. Now there are challenges!

The bottom line is that each teams’ respective offensive line is given the task to protect the quarterback.

That’s football, right?

Or is the NFL going to make the teams wear flags instead of the referees throwing so many of them?

Speaking from a Browns fan, one thing obvious is how much of a problem Garrett is going to be for other teams as the season(s) goes on. From his huge frame, strength and explosiveness through the offensive line, that guy’s great.

Finally, Garrett is on-pace for 40 sacks this season. Maybe teams will be to find someone to block him instead of relying on the stripes so much?

Solid win for the Browns, but there is a lot to work on! #DawgCheck

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