My Top Five Cleveland Browns Draft Picks in the New Era


Myles Garrett, drafted number one overall in the 2017 NFL Draft

Remember when some people thought the Browns should take Mitch Trubisky number one in 2017? (A thought that gave me nightmares for weeks before the draft) No shade to Mitch but Myles Garrett was, is and hopefully always will be the MAN. Myles Garrett has quickly become a defensive leader for the Browns. After missing the first four weeks of his rookie season, Garrett shut the haters’ mouths when on his first ever NFL snap, he sacked former Browns quarterback Josh McCown (Garrett would later sack McCown again in the same game). But Garrett’s production jumped big time in 2018 finishing the season with 13.5 sacks becoming the big-time playmaker the Browns were dreaming of attaining. At only 23 years old, it’s a bit early to say he’s one of Cleveland’s GOATs. If he continues with this level of production, “Jurassic Myles” could go down with the likes of “LT” (Lawrence Taylor) and The Minister Of Defense (Reggie White) as one of the great sack masters of all time.

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