There have certainly been plenty of ups and downs! Here is number 7 of the Top-10 Cleveland sports moments of my lifetime:

Former Browns star return man Josh Cribbs had an amazing gallop against the Kansas City Chiefs. He had to take a kick out that bounced past him but didn’t go in the end zone; he had to return it. Cribbs ended up taking it all the way for a touchdown. In this game, the receiver set the NFL Record for most kick returns for a TD.

Take your best guess and click on these links to see what the following moments are HERE:

#10 – It was some sort of walk-off grand slam 

#9 – A Cavs Series Winner

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#5 – It was in the World Series 

#4 – Compared to a famous runner 

#3 – Beating this hated team 

#2 – Home is where the heart is 

#1 –  We are the champions

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