My Thoughts on Tony Romo’s New Massive Deal With CBS

Former quarterback now-NFL announcer Tony Romo is going to earn around 17 million dollars a year with CBS. It’s for three more seasons and could end up being 10 years in length.


I respected Romo as a quarterback with the Cowboys and felt he did an amazing job with CBS behind the microphone. However, 17 mil seems a bit ridiculous and here are my reasons why:

First of all, the vast majority of people that tune in to the game(s) are doing so because they are either fans of the teams, players (for fantasy football) or what is happening on the field. The announcers, whomever they may be, are just a nice addition or a major annoyance. Depending on if they are good or not. It’s not like I would watch a Browns game *ONLY* because Romo is announcing. I’d be watching because it’s the Browns and I’m a fan of the team.

Make sense?

WR Michael Thomas (Former Buckeye) had something to say about this situation…

“[T]hat’s why we shouldn’t sign the new CBA agreement no way the announcer should be making more than 90% of the players,” Thomas tweeted Friday night, adding a #No for good measure.

He makes a good point…

That’s why I am a bit confused about why CBS felt that spending this amount of money on Romo was necessary. Let’s say they don’t and he goes to Monday Night Football with ESPN instead. Regardless, I’m watching the Browns if they play on Sunday. Guess what! If the team plays Monday night, I’m watching then.

Sure, it makes sense for the various networks to want to produce the best product possible. I just simply don’t feel the announcers dictate the ratings of a game. They just improve the quality of what is already predetermined.

Tony Romo is a bright guy, great announcer and does a fantastic job. Is he worth 17 million a year? Not in my opinion. I am definitely curious to see how this plays out and works with others in the industry, including the players.

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