My Shaved Head, Browns Excitement and How The Two Relate

I made a choice about a week ago. It was to change up my typical hair cut of: “Short on the sides, trimmed on top and talk to me about stuff I don’t exactly care about during the process.” (But I’ll be polite)

Yeah, I got a buzz cut and it certainly did not make the people around me happy. However, I had my reasons and my hair was gone more than LeBron James in 2010.

Me with hair.
The Buzz – Egg Head













It’s very funny when I interact with people and the common catchphrase is, “Don’t worry, it’ll grow back.”    Frankly, I am well aware that millions will not have a head of hair ever again. However, I am not bald. I know it’ll grow back and I’m thankful for my hair.

Now, taking this to the Dawg Pound and…

This year’s Cleveland Browns have so much potential to be great. Here we are at the beginning of August with training camp just beginning and pads finally getting put on!

Whoever is in charge of that Twitter needs to be removed. Oh, wait…

Anyway, the Browns have been like a shaved head of hair for so many years. Could have success but never seemed to be able to “grow” so to speak and are their own detriment (shaving of the head).  Certainly, the team has shown potential with the 11-5 season last year. Plus, a playoff win over the Steelers, too.

Right now, we know this Browns team is going to win a solid amount of games. That doesn’t need to be told in the same way people don’t have to tell me my hair will grow back. I know.

However, taking this comparison to the next level…

The Browns contending for a Super Bowl is like me avoiding dandruff I tend to get. It’ll take discipline from this team in the same sense that using shampoo is a must in order to avoid those *insert swear word* flakes that are a pest to myself and so many.

Don’t worry, no dandruff pictures are incoming! 

Thinking of a full head of hair that’s dandruff-free is nice. Thinking of the Browns not only winning enough games to make the playoffs but contending for that coveted Super Bowl is even better.

Right now with this summer heat, it’s a fresh start. Just like my egg-head that doesn’t have any hair.

The Browns’ record currently is 0-0.

There is that certainty that we know the team will perform well. However, can the Dawgs take that next step and not just make the playoffs but excel in them? Making the Super Bowl and even winning it?

Yeah… Mom, Dad, Grandma, Bubbe, I just used my buzz cut in a positive way. Writing an article and making a comparison with the Browns. Love you each very much and Love my Browns, too.

No, don’t say it! I don’t Love the Browns more than my family. Everybody is equal.

Now, it’s time for this team to thrive.

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