February 26, 2024

My Parents Refuse to Take Me Out To Dinner Tonight


I have two of the most loving, caring and kind parents that one could ask for honestly. However, tonight tragedy struck. Both my parents refused to take me out to dinner and I was hungry.

Now, I could’ve just eaten at home, certainly. However, I like the ambiance of going out, and being around other people in a nice atmosphere after sitting at home all day on the computer and watching Golden Girls with Grandma.

See, I have epilepsy and get seizures so I can’t drive myself anywhere and that is frankly the reason why I am living at home in the first place. Which, I am certainly grateful and thankful for the hospitality, of course.

Sitting around all day can be tiresome in it itself. Of course, I have all the CST work that I do but that doesn’t substitute a 9-5 job and getting out of the house for the day.

The Cavs, unfortunately, do not play tonight and they will be looking to get back to their winning ways (lost two straight to the Clippers and Kings) tomorrow night against the Golden State Warriors on the road. A 10 PM start punishing all of us Cleveland folk by having us stay up way late to see the ending of the game.

Here is the list of the various restaurants I was hoping to potentially go to this evening:

Winking Lizard



Senorita Bonitas

Chicago Deli

Amongst Others…

What’s your favorite restaurant to go to for a casual meal with your family? 

How does this relate to Cleveland Sports Talk? Well, it really doesn’t haha. What you can do because I know you have extreme sympathy I am at home for the night is read up on some of my recent posts by clicking on the links below.

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My parents will be mad that I wrote and published this article, but it’s really not like they did anything wrong. Just didn’t want to go out when I did. Maybe we’ll go out tomorrow night on a Friday and I can even get AN ALCOHOL BEVERAGE!

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!

We also should dream for lower costs at restaurants these days. It’s like 25 bucks for chicken fingers. It’s truly crazy!

Well, in all seriousness, we should all hope for a brighter future and I will continue to try and #EmpowerEpilepsy

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