My Love Hate Relationship With LeBron James


Every Cleveland Cavaliers fan remembers the night of July 8, 2010. This was the night that LeBron James made his declaration on national TV. It has since been labeled “The Decision” and LeBron James said the now famous words, “this fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.” I remember exactly where I was when LeBron uttered those words. At the time I was a server in a high end restaurant. We were gathered around the bar watching the 15” TV that was mounted to the wall. There were servers and guests together, and once LeBron said those words, an array of boo’s and swear words were let out by the crowd. The mood was ruined and Cleveland had just lost the best player in the NBA.

It was bad enough that LeBron went on national TV and embarrassed the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio. His decision was a spectacle unlike any athlete before him. Then a mere 24 hours later, the Miami Heat introduced LeBron, Bosh, and Wade, the newly minted “big 3”. This was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. The three superstars rose up from under the stage with full pyrotechnics and fog machines. I am getting angry just thinking about it again. Then we all know LeBron promised 8 championships for the city of Miami.

This was the most arrogant, narcissistic, ego driven display I had ever seen. Especially from a guy in LeBron, who had to join two other superstars in an effort to win his 1st championship. The stage was set for LBJ and the Heat to make a historical run and in all reality; they could potentially win 8 championships.

Let’s fast forward to the present. LeBron and the Heat only won 2 out of 4 NBA championships. If I had to give LeBron and the “big 3” a grade on their performance, I would give them an F, and that F stands for FAILURE. On national TV LeBron James declared he would win 8 championships with the Miami Heat. He only won 2, while also losing another 2. Now people will argue that winning 2 NBA titles is a great accomplishment, and I would agree. It’s just not a great accomplishment when the publicly stated goal was 8!!

At the end of this year’s NBA Finals, LeBron said “[We will] take 50 percent in four years in championships any day. Obviously, you want to win all of them, but that’s just the nature of the game.  You win some, you lose some.”

Really LeBron? Did you forget your public proclamation of winning 8 titles? On what planet is delivering 25% of your promise considered a good thing? I’m not mad at LeBron for only winning two titles, I mad because he made an empty promise and he couldn’t deliver. Going into game five of this year’s Finals, the LeBron apologists were claiming again that LeBron had no supporting cast. I will argue to the death against that claim. He has two max contact players on the team with him, but I will save that argument for another day. So, going into game 5, LeBron knew it was on him to keep his team alive. I was expecting LeBron to DOMINATE from start to finish. I expected him to have a triple double with 50 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists. I expected him to be great. Now, I won’t be ridiculous, LBJ had a good game with 31 points along with 10 rebounds and five assists, but that wasn’t what he needed to do. LeBron had a chance for an epic all time Finals performance.

In my opinion, with his talent, he should dominate every game. My issue with LeBron is that there is always an excuse. It’s either his elbow, or his cramps, or his lack of a supporting cast. He is the most gifted basketball player on the planet, yet he rarely dominates. I mean really dominates. This was an NBA Finals where LeBron should have averaged 40 points and 12 rebounds a game. In the Finals LeBron should have  played like he did against the Pistons in 2007. In game 5 of that series LeBron was a man among boys. He went 48, 9, and 7. It was complete and utter domination, it was a masterpiece.

LeBron is again, the most talented basketball player in the world. He has the ability to be the greatest of all time. I want LeBron to get mean. I want LeBron to challenge people and then destroy them. I want LeBron to be Kobe or MJ. I want people to cringe after LeBron destroys them. I want the handshaking and hugs to stop. I want LeBron to be ruthless on the court. I want LeBron to….

Written By Rick Giavonette

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