As a lifelong Indians fans, I’m always the quickest one to panic each and every season. I fear that a couple mistakes here and there could spiral into a complete collapse. Something that, in the past five years, hasn’t be all too uncommon for the Tribe. However, with this attitude comes a lot of criticism from fellow fans about my extreme negativity.

I expect the team to win every single time they take the field.

I have no tolerance for any type of mistake, big or small.

I demand that every player plays to the best of their ability for the whole season.

Of course, I know that the Indians aren’t going to go 162-0. I also know that mistakes will be made, and players will struggle. However, these expectations  are based off of the fact that the players are professionals and get paid millions of dollars to play the game of baseball.

Interestingly enough, whenever something goes astray this year, all of the talk turns to how “last year” the Indians overcame the odds to come back late in the year and clinch a wild card slot. It drives me completely insane. To be quite frank, 2013 was a great year, but it’s not this year. Even so, last year’s easy September schedule propelled the Indians to that one game playoff in which we lost. Sure, that’s a start, but it means nothing if it isn’t built upon this year. The argument is just completely invalid. 

We all know that baseball is a long season. But once you fall 8 to 10 games back of the frontrunner in the division, it’s so difficult to come back, especially against the Detroit Tigers who can’t seem to lose this year.

Right now, the Indians are 13-19, sitting a last place 7.5 behind. Yes, I understand that there are still 130 games of baseball to be played. But the comparison of last year’s late surge, the excuses of a long season and the hope that players will turn things around only lasts for so long.

It’s time that the Indians stopped dwelling on our “magical” one game playoff run last year, and actually play some sound baseball as we head deeper into the month of May.

I’ll be the guy cheering the loudest when they win, but I’m also the one to criticize them the most if they lose.

My expectations are high, so are Francona’s, but this team is at an all-time low.

-Zach Shafron


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