Ohio State defensive tackle Michael Hall Jr. lines up during the fourth quarter of an NCAA college football game against Notre Dame, Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State won 21-10. (AP Photo/David Dermer)

With the Draft done and dusted, I think it is time to really dive into how they did and what I think they could have done better. I will be including individual rankings for each player too, just to explain what I feel about each player. Disclaimer!!! I mean NO disrespect to any players when I give them a grade. Everything said here is mine and mine only, and is completely objective. Everything said here is represents my opinion, and not that of CleSportsTalk or anyone else.

Round 2, Pick 54 – DT Mike Hall Jr., Ohio State///Grade: B+

I personally think that this is the best pick of the entire draft. The only reason I didn’t give the Browns an A for this pick is I feel like there were two players who were at this position who were there at the time. I still do like this pick though, and think it will certainly improve the team over the next few years. Expect him to be a depth player for the first few years of his career, since that is the main place we need his help in. Hopefully, he can continue excelling in his position and will be an important player for the Browns over the next seasons.

Round 3, Pick 85 – G Zak Zinter, Michigan///Grade: C-

I don’t like this pick very much. While it isn’t the lowest grade I have, I just don’t think this was a very good selection. We didn’t need a guard, and instead really needed a tackle. I understand that this is still hopefully going to improve the offensive line, but I really wanted a tackle here. There were still some pretty solid tackles that were there when we selected, and I would have taken them over Zak. He is a pretty good player don’t get me wrong, he just doesn’t play where I wanted him to.

Round 5, Pick 156 – Jamari Thrash, Louisville///Grade D-

I mean come on, why draft a wide receiver. He isn’t a bad player, but our room is already so full there isn’t any room for another one. Even if we wanted a fifth guy, we could pick up some random for vet minimum and call it a day. I highly doubt he’ll be seeing playing time this season, and if he does it’ll be for blowouts or when everyone is hurt. I would have taken another tackle (offensive/defensive) since we needed more help at that area. Even some secondary support would have been better since we still need some solid depth around the edges. I just don’t get it, and feel like there were a multitude of players who would have been a better pick.

Round 6, Pick 206 – Nathaniel Watson, Mississippi State///Grade B-

This pick isn’t horrible and I think we got a good deal. We did need some linebacker help, again for depth and I think this guy fills that role pretty well. He is a sixth-round pick, so don’t expect him to get too much time on the field, but I think he could be a solid 2-3 spot filler for years to come. Considering how far down we were there isn’t anywhere I would have gone to improve, and I think we chose pretty well here. If I HAD to choose somewhere else to go for this pick, I would have gone safety or cornerback and just prayed they could play the four with a reasonable skill level. Good pick.

Round 7, Pick 227 – CB Myles Harden, South Dakota & Pick 243, Jowon Briggs, Cincinnati///Grade C- and C

I combined the two together into one since they are seventh-rounders and this article is already getting kind of long. For Myles I think it’s a seventh round corner and there isn’t much more to say about it. Taking position and how far into the draft we were I think there isn’t anywhere I would have gone if I was picking here. Solid pick. For Briggs again it’s a seventh-rounder, but of a position of more importance. I like where we went here, and do think we chose pretty well here. Just another filler player who will show up to training camp trying to fill out those two DT spots we need filled. I think he has a chance to stick around for a little while.

Overall Grade: C

I think this draft was perfectly mediocre. There were no splash moves, no splash picks, but the team still got better. I definitely think there were places we could have improved, but what happened happened and so I won’t complain too much. Considering we were missing a first and a fourth, I think we did pretty good with what we were given, hence the C. Good job Browns, see you in training camp.




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