Much Ado About Gomes

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It’s been a tough start for Indians catcher Yan Gomes. His well-documented struggles of last season appear to have followed him into the 2017 season like a lurking specter from a horror movie. While I’m happy to say that Gomes did pop a RBI single against the Minnesota Twins, his batting average remains a dark shadow of his 2014 Silver Slugger season. This slump seems to baffle everyone, including Gomes who said of his poor offensive streak, “Holy Cow it’s still going.” Sadly, yes, Yan. It is still going.

My question is what will turn this around?

Gomes is still a valuable defensive player for the Tribe, but Perez is solid behind the plate as well. Gomes seems weighed down by this continuance of last season’s difficulties at the plate. Tribe manager Terry Francona noted that the strain of the batting trouble is wearing on Gomes. “You can tell by the body language that [Gomes] is feeling it.” Francona said, “I think that does worry you a little bit because it’s such a long season.”

A long season indeed, we have barely scratched the surface of the 2017 season. Is it too soon to be concerned about Gomes’ lack of offense? There are murmurings about trying a stint in Triple-A Columbus; Gomes does have one minor-league option available. There is also the plan of letting him sit in favor of Perez for the time being.

For his part of it, Gomes is trying to focus on contributing to the team effort anyway that he can. “It’s too selfish of me to start putting my head down and start worrying about myself,” Gomes said. “Being a catcher, you still have ways to control the game, aspects of it. It’s a game of inches and all that stuff. It really is. But you have to just keep your head up and keep going.”

I admire his perseverance, and I hope he can do whatever it is to turn the page and move on to a brighter offensive chapter. What do you think, Cleveland? Is it too soon to make changes, does Francona ride out this offensive dry spell with Gomes because of his capabilities behind the plate? I’d love to hear your opinions on this while we wait for better offense from Yan Gomes.


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