On our podcast show 4th & 15 with Mel and Smooth, we spoke with Ohio State Great Stanley Jackson. While speaking with him we talked about the world of HBCU football. Among one of the topics we spoke of including the transfer portal, it sprung the question…

Why not move HBCU football to the spring?

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. WHAT IF all HBCU football moved their seasons to the springtime? Here’s why I agree. Stanley said it best himself… “Why compete with these big schools when you can move to the spring and put a stranglehold on the market?”

Now I know what some of you reading this are going to say, but I feel this would be a good move. If we are just using this season as an example, with the hiring of head coach Deion Sanders, there has been more coverage of HBCU football on ESPN in one season than hardly EVER! Also, with the recent hiring of another NFL great Eddie George at Tennessee State the idea for this kind of new exposure could actually work in the spring.

Another great aspect of this idea is that HBCU senior players would be ready for the draft. They could still be playing, could be drafted and still play because through my research there is no rule against it. Not to mention incoming recruits could come right in and play. Think about it; everybody loves football and to have a legit college football season in the spring? The possibilities are endless. Also, keep in mind that baseball would just be starting up and basketball would be winding down so in theory it only makes sense.

With all the moves being made by HBCU schools and the exposure on ESPN, I think this move could only benefit the HBCU community and they would thrive! Will it happen? Only time will tell.

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