Move Over Jackson, We Have a New Skipper


As Sam Smith once said in his famous songs, ” A change is gonna come” and that’s exactly what’s happening for the Browns. In just four short weeks, Stefanski has done something that Jackson could never do…

Have a winning record.

Jackson, who was regrettably hired in 2016, managed to bring the Browns to a record of 0-14. While it is still early in the season for Stefanski, with the talent on paper, I can’t see the outcome to be anything less than a winning season.

So let’s compare the two coaches.

Both coaches have held a variety of roles on the offensive side of the ball. Both have a background in positions ranging from running backs coach to offensive coordinators. Stefanski is 16 years younger then Jackson and both originate from different parts of the country.

Jackson, although awful, did do some good for the Browns. He gave the Browns two first-round picks in QB Baker Mayfield and DE Myles Garrett in back-to-back years (2017 and 2018).

So, why Stefanski? Or is he just lucky so far…

Before the Browns, Stefanski was a cornerstone of the Vikings offense. He was their RB and QB coach from 2016-2018 before getting the OC job. The Vikings reached the playoffs only one of those years, but they never had a season that was a losing one. Something Jackson was never able to achieve with a total record of 3-36-1 with the Browns. Why is Stefanski the saving grace the Browns need? Unlike Jackson, he recognizes what he has in front of him. His offensive game plan is a complete 180 from Jackson. On both sides of the ball.

The talent that Stefanski has on both sides of the ball is super-human. Not only does one have a Pro Bowl wideout in Odell Beckham JR., but also a franchise QB feeding him the ball in Mayfield. Stefanski recognizes the chemistry that both players have and will look to include OBJ early in his game plan. On the defensive side, there’s Myles Garrett, who is another franchise player. It’s amazing what can happen when the stars align.

If Stefanski fails the city of Cleveland, he will still not fail as hard as Jackson.

Jackson, who never won a single away game while he was head coach going 0-20 is already beat by Stefanski. Who has an away record of 1-1.

So here’s to coach Stefanski. We believe in you.

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