The More Clutch Shot? Ray Allen ’13 or Kyrie Irving ’16?

People forget how LeBron James was bailed out. It’s painful to be a “LeBron Hater,” but for this article it’s essential.

The year was 2013 and The King had missed a game-tying three (down three) for the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Chris Bosh grabbed the rebound, kicked it out to Ray Allen and he hit a corner three to tie the game at 95 and send it to overtime. Without those events transpiring, San Antonio wins the finals right then and there, 4-2.

LeBron doesn’t get his back-to-back titles and the landscape of the league is changed.

Fast-forward to 2016 and all Cleveland fans know of Kyrie Irving’s clutch three with the game tied at 89 and just over a minute left in Game 7 of the finals. Even if ESPN skipped over it for many viewers on the replay this past Wednesday night. With Stephen Curry draped all over him, Irving canned that three to give the Cavs a three-point lead and it was eventually what would give them the finals win. It is now dubbed “The Shot” in these parts.

Who knows if LeBron and the Cavs win Game 7 if that shot clanks off the rim?

Taking a look back at both of those moments and each not only changed the outcomes of both those finals for those respective franchises, but it also helped assist LeBron and his pending legacy. It easily could have been two more finals losses and a total abysmal record of 1-8.

So, which shot was more clutch?

Well, both were amazingly great. The reason Ray Allen’s shot has to get the nod is because of the fact that the Heat most definitely lose the series if he misses. With Kyrie’s shot, even if he missed, the Cavs still could’ve won the game.

Watch both here:

Let’s be honest.

The Spurs should have fouled the Heat and not even allowed LeBron (Ray Allen) an opportunity to tie the game. That was bad coaching by one of the legendary ones.

The Kyrie shot was just a thing of beauty in a huge moment.

Both of those two players are up there as some of the best shooters in league history, especially modern-day. Ray Allen from beyond-the-arc and Kyrie Irving really from anywhere on the floor.

If LeBron James hasn’t already, he should write a thank you note to each of them for saving him.

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