MLS Next Pro Franchise Confirmed to be in Cleveland by the Year 2025


With breaking news as recent as November 21st, Cleveland’s NBC Sports reporter Ben Axelrod broke the news that Cleveland, Ohio is set to become the newest home of a professional soccer franchise.

It has been reported that the new soccer club will be ready for Cleveland sports fans when the 2025 MLS season arrives.

Until 2025, The Columbus Crew franchise will still be Ohio’s only professional soccer club, which has dated back to its humble beginnings in 1996 as being one of the original 10 charter clubs involved with the MLS.

Thanks to Cleveland Soccer Group being involved in recent talks with the MLS to bring a soccer club to Cleveland, the franchise will become Ohio’s 2nd professional soccer club and will be set to bringing in more money to Cleveland’s improving economy going forward.

Cleveland Soccer Group (CSG) has a number of potential sites for a soccer stadium and training facility in Cleveland, according to a news release from MLS NEXT Pro.

With more major US cities likely to join the MLS as well, Cleveland Soccer Group will be the third independent club to join it, alongside members from Rochester, New York FC and second member Carolina Core FC, which will be joining in 2024.

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