April 18, 2024

MLB Rules Struggle to be Enforced


During the 2013 off-season the MLB made some very major changes to the game. Changes such as expanded reply and home plate collisions. Now with all these new rules, there comes trial and error. The MLB has run into problems with exceptions. The experiments have been slowing the game down and making many fans very frustrated.

One example came tonight with the Tribe. In the 8th inning, there was one on with two down and Yan Gomes hit a single to left. Carlos Santana was waved home and thrown out at the dish. What could be wrong with that? With the new collision rule, Santana should of been safe and not out. According to rule 7.13 it states “The catcher may not block the pathway of a runner attempting to score unless he has possession of the ball. If the catcher blocks the runner before he has the ball, the umpire may call the runner safe.” Thole was clearly blocking the the plate before he had the ball when Santana was coming into slide. If the right call was made, it should of been a tie game with Gomes standing on 2nd with still 2 outs.

If the MLB is going to make new rules, they need to enforce them. This is unacceptable and the right call needs to be made. It really reinforces how dumb this rule really is.

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