Missing The Playoff Series But Being Realistic

The Cavs blew it.

Yeah, the team lost to the seven-seeded Nets by a score of 115-108 and then to the eight-seeded Hawks at home by a score of 107-101. It’s this new play-in format that has everyone intrigued…

A win of either of those games and the Cavs would be in the NBA Playoffs in a series format like the past. Losing to the Hawks was terrible because the Cavs blew a huge lead at home. However, it would’ve been a series against the first-seeded Miami Heat upcoming.

For perspective, the Heat just beat said Hawks by a score of 115-91 in Game 1 of their series. Miami finished the season with a 53-29 record.

I’ve had plenty of personal playoff memories in the past with the Cavs. Of course, the 2016 playoffs when the team went against all odds and came back from down 3-1 to win the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

I also have memories of LeBron’s first playoff win and series win as a member of the Cavaliers over the Washington Wizards. Or that classic Game 5 win over the Pistons in double-overtime where The King dropped 48 points and scored the last 25 to help the Cavs get to their first NBA Finals back in ’07.

This year, there would’ve been memories made. Would they have been good? Probably not yet.

Yeah, I feel these Cavaliers, especially with all of the injuries and such, are a year or two away from really contending. However, the team does have the talent and the means to beat the best of them in the future.

I believe Miami is going to continue this trend and destroy the Hawks in what likely will be a sweep. Sure, the Cavs may have taken a game or maybe, maybe even two, but it would not have been a pleasant series to endure as fans.

Let’s build upon this amazing season where the expectations were so much lower than what the team did. After all, the team finished with a 44-38 record on the year. No one thought they would even be anywhere close to above .500.

Add a couple of pieces this offseason and make those crucial re-signings. Let’s build and get ready for a future that is bright and one that certainly will be filled with not just many playoffs wins but series wins, too. That will be some fun basketball to watch led by head coach JB Bickerstaff and company.

Who knows, maybe even LeBron will come home again. Now that would make it even more of a blast!


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