March 4, 2024

Mike Cleveland’s Super Bowl Prop Bets



The American Gaming Association estimates that $6 billion will be floating around the Super Bowl tonight. How much of that will be wagered legally? Business Insider says just about 3%. The rest of the money will be spent with local bookies and offshore books.

Let’s look at some other statistics the American Gaming Association released:

  • 1-in-10 American Adults plan to bet on Super Bowl LIII.
  • 1.8 Million Americans plan to bet illegally through a bookie and/or offshore online books.
  • 22.7 Million American Adults are projected to place a wager on the Super Bowl tonight.
  • As of right now, 69% (nice) of people are on New England -2.5, leaving 31% with the LA Rams.

When the Super Bowl rolls around, there seems to be some heavy hitters that run into the sports book’s in Las Vegas looking for an easy pay day. If you are like me, you like to see some of the insane bets that are being placed tonight.

Here are some of the craziest ones I have seen so far (shout out to Legit Picks on Twitter, he is the one that compiles all this information from MGM, CG Tech Book, etc. and puts it in a spreadsheet):

  • $2,900,000 Rams +2.5 -115
  • $2,100,000 Rams +2.5 -104
  • $2,000,000 Rams ML +120
  • $1,710,000 Rams +2.5 -114
  • $1,500,000 Rams ML +120
  • $1,100,000 Patriots -2.5
  • and lastly, someone placed $427,000 on 5 individual unders. What that means is the bettor walked in and put $427,000 on under 59, 58.5, 58, 57.5, and 57. That is 2,135,000 place on unders. If the total score of this game tonight combines for under 56.5, this man is walking away with a ton of money.

I have written some prop bet blogs in the past and came out on top, so I figured I would throw out some good props for tonight to (hopefully) make you guys some cash. I won’t bore you guys with analytics and things of that nature, so we’ll get to the fun stuff.

Gladys Knight’s National Anthem Over/Under 1:47

I take the over every year here, and it isn’t stopping this year. I did a little scouting for this on YouTube and stumbled on Gladys Knight singing The Star Spangled Banner back in 1991. In 1991, she only went to 1 minute and 32 seconds, but that wasn’t on National Television. Drag those words out for the degenerates watching at home, Gladys. Over 1:47.

Coin Flip

I am going with Tails here because as they say, tails never fails. (It does all the time, but who cares.)

Maroon 5’s First Song Performed

I am not a big Maroon 5 guy, but I was between Payphone (+1800) and Sugar (+900). Obviously both of these are deemed long shots with their odds, but I am going to go with Sugar (+900). Don’t expect this to hit, complete shot in the dark.

Gatorade Bath

I have only hit on the Gatorade Bath prop bet once since I became a degenerate. This year Twitter got some inside information on what the Rams Gatorade choice is:

If you are a Gatorade connoisseur, you know that Ice Punch is Clear.

We’re going Clear +100.

Donald Trump Tweets on February 3rd: Over/Under 6

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but the good thing is he has not tweeted yet today. The pick is Under 6.

If you want some real action on the game, other than the props, here is what I am on tonight: 

  • Rams +3 -130
  • Gronkowski Over 54.5 Yards
  • Gurley MVP 14-1
  • Will Edelman have a rushing attempt? YES
  • & although life is indeed to short to bet the under, I just think it is a little high tonight. I got it at Under 57.5

Go Browns


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