Michael Brantley’s Quest for 200 Hits


As every Cleveland Indians fan knows, Michael Brantley aka Dr. Smooth, is having one of the best individual seasons in Cleveland Indians history.

This season Michael Brantley is hitting .325 with 20 HR and 97 RBI which is incredible. He also has recorded the first 20HR/20SB saeson since Shin-Shoo Choo in 2010. These stats are incredible, but, Brantley is also closing in on another milestone this season and that is the 200 hit mark. Brantley is currently at 193 hits on the season with about 6 games to go this year. If Brantley eclipses the 200 hit mark and the 100 RBI mark he will be the only one of a handful of players in Cleveland Indians history to hit .320+, go 20/20, hit 40+ doubles, 100+ RBI and have 200+ hits.

So how has Brantley been so consistent and how did he reach the hit total he is currently at?¬†well, first lets look at the actual 193 hits he has so far. Out of Michael Brantley 193 hits, 128 of them are singles, 43 are doubles, 2 are triples, and 20 are via the home run. The 65 extra base hits Brantley has had is 7th in all of Major League Baseball and his 193 hits are second in the league to Jose Altuve’s ridiculous 220 hits. When you look further past the actual hits one stat looms larger than the rest. Brantley is currently 4th in the league in at-bats per strikeout at 10.8. This stat is incredibly important because it means that Brantley is putting the ball in play almost every single at-bat which leads to a high hit total. Michael Brantley has only had 55 strikeouts in 593 at-bats this season which is incredible and has led Brantley to have 193 hits on the season and on track for 200 hits this season.

In the summer of 2008, Michael Brantley was the player to be named later in the C.C. Sabathia trade. 1B/OF Matt LaPorta was the centerpiece of that large trade that saw our beloved ace head to Milwaukee for a couple of prospects. As most Indians fans know, Matt LaPorta has struggled and is currently in the minors somewhere and Brantley is now the best player on the Indians roster and having an MVP caliber season. The beauty of it all is that the Indians signed Brantley to a 4yr/$25million contract before his breakout season. Usually its the other way around where players excel during a contract year, get paid, and then have worse years after. But, the Indians hit it out of the park with how they handled Brantley in terms of locking them up for all of his prime years. Hopefully he continues this trend and becomes one of the biggest bargains in Cleveland Indians history.

So, with a week left to go in the regular season and a big series with KC ahead, hopefully Brantley can reach the magical 200 hit mark and hopefully the Indians can prove everyone wrong and crash the postseason party.

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