Miami Fans vs. Cleveland Fans


What is the difference between Miami Fans and Cleveland Fans? Sticking around until the end. Miami fans have been gifted with a great basketball team over the last four years, loaded with stars. The Heat have had their fair share of wins, but when the game does not go in their favor, the fans do not delay the process of leaving.

It is one thing to ditch your team in the early regular season, but what happened in the Finals is unacceptable. Miami is making history by going to four straight finals, but apparently their fans do not care.

We can remember game six of the 2013 Finals last year. With Miami down by five with about 30 seconds left, the fans just had to head out and beat the traffic. The Heat came back, and suddenly the fans who had left were rushing back to the doors. Security guards denied re-entry for the fans who left, and they were left to watch the highlights later.

I guess they did not learn their lesson. This year, games three and four were both dominated by San Antonio. Near the end of both games, a large part of the fans at American Airlines Arena had left. Some fans were even booing the Heat. Who knows if that could have been the big 3’s last home game in front of their “fans”?

That is something that can not happen if you are a Miami Heat fan. This team gave them four straight years of great basketball. I guarantee you something like that would not have happened in Cleveland.

-Ryan Hite, find me on Twitter @CST_ryanhite

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