Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Menachem’s Mailbag

Hello – Cleveland sports fans! We at CST are happy to bring to you our very first mailbag article. We hope you enjoy reading this and if you would like to ask a question for a future mailbag check out our twitter, @CLEsportsTalk, on Thursday evenings.

I like the move for Steve Wilks. I think he got a raw deal in Arizona this past season and we will get to see, first hand, how good of a coach he really is. While the coordinator position is important, I’m also interested in seeing who gets brought in as position coaches on defense.

It would not surprise me if the Browns would bring in Al Holcomb as a linebackers coach. Wilks and Holcomb worked together for years in Carolina and Wilks brought Holcomb along with him to Arizona to be his defensive coordinator.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see if Clyde Simmons, Ken Delgado and DeWayne Walker are kept on the staff. All three were with the Browns for the past few seasons and were the few who did not lose their job when many others did. Depending on who Wilks wants on his defensive staff, these guys may be gone as well.

The obvious answer is QB Baker Mayfield. Of course that’s true and it makes perfect sense. A team is only as good as their quarterback, all you need to do is look at the last 20 years of Browns football to see that that is true.

I’m going to say that the real X-Factor for the 2019 season will be three defensive stars, DE Myles Garrett, LB Christian Kirksey and CB Denzel Ward. All three are integral parts of the Browns defense and with a new defensive coordinator it will be interesting to see how different or similar their roles will be.

Also, all three have had some injury problems over the last two seasons and it will be imperative for them to stay healthy. If they can, I don’t see a reason why the Browns can’t have a Top 10 defense.

First of all, isn’t it nice to look at mock drafts and have to scroll halfway down before seeing the Browns pick? I would expect DL, LB, CB, WR and OL to be positions they look at throughout the draft.

This is a defensive heavy draft. With their first pick, #17, the Browns are in a great position to take the best defensive player available. Personally, I’d be ecstatic with CB Greedy Williams from LSU or CB Deandre Baker from Georgia. The Browns might need to get a little lucky for one of these two to fall to them, but there are definitely scenarios where that is possible.

Think back to last year’s draft. When the draft talk first started a lot of mock drafts had the Browns taking S Minkah Fitzpatrick with the 4th overall pick, he ended up going 11th. It isn’t that far fetched to say that either Williams or Baker could fall a little and be available at 17.

We hope you enjoyed our inaugural mailbag article. Once again, if you’d like to ask a question that will be featured in our next mailbag article, check out our twitter account on Thursday evenings and be ready for the articles to be posted either Sunday evening or Monday morning. Have a great week!

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