How far will the Cavaliers go this season? Do we have enough bench to prevent Miami’s ultimate downfall? Can Kyrie and Love contribute more than Wade and Bosh? One thing is for sure:

It all comes down to the roster and coaching staff.

So who are the Cavaliers?

In alphabetical order we have:

#89 F Lou Amundson
#8 G Matthew Dellavedova
#24 F Shane Edwards
#12 G Joe Harris
#33 C Brendan Haywood
#15 G Stephen Holt
#2 G Kyrie Irving
#23 F LeBron “King” James
#1 F James Jones
#53 C Alex Kirk
#0 F Kevin Love
#31 F Shawn Marion
#18 F Mike Miller
#21 G A.J. Price
#13 F Tristian Thompson
#17 C Anderson Varejao
#3 G Dion Waiters

Head coach David Blatt

Other notable coaching staff:
Tyronn Lue
Jim Boylan
Larry Drew
James Posey

I attended the Wine and Gold scrimmage and this is my prognosis: we are a solid team with no glaring weaknesses. I’m going to discuss what stood out to me.

Amundsen’s defense looked sharp. His offense left a little to be desired. He is a big body and can bang down low. Trust me, any big men on this team will get their shots because of how we are going to space the floor this season. Think: LeBron, Kyrie, Love, and Waiters on the perimeter, someone will be in the paint with a favorable match up.

Dellavedova is alright. He has ball control which is needed to be a solid guard. His defense however falls short. But I think he realizes chances in the league don’t come too often and he needs to take advantage of it. Especially on this super team. He plays hard. He won’t bring the team down.

Haywood impressed me a lot. He is big. And that’s what we need. Offense and defense looked solid. He positions himself well. Questions with injuries, but if he stays healthy the Cavs have an aging big man that has at least a year left in him. And that’s all we need, of course we all know of his favorable contract.

Kyrie Irving looked great. Without a doubt, he is the second best player on the team. He looked quick and had wicked chemistry with everyone on the court. I’m sure glad he’s locked up for a long, long time.

LeBron James, come on now. We have LeBron James! Just silently whisper that to yourselves please. Notice the small smile across your face. It’s ok, no one’s watching.

James Jones looked as he has always looked. He is a sharpshooter. He can fire threes from anywhere. And if he gets the chance, he will hit them. I doubt he will get substantial playing time. He lacks the talent on this roster. There are match ups I see him playing in, though. Games that are highly offensive, run and gun by both teams, players will get tired. I can see him in these situations, bringing fresh legs. With that, I wrote more on James Jones then LeBron and Kyrie combined. I will stop now.

I was high on Alex Kirk when we first signed him. But what I saw was a big white boy getting manhandled. He got pushed around in the paint. I was not impressed. I hope he just watches and develops his game. He has size that the Cavs can use.

The 3rd best player on the team is K-Love. Everyone knows what he brings. I’m sorry, but the only thing I can say here is that he is good at rebounding and shooting. Those were my notes about him from the scrimmage. That is his known game in a nutshell. Work him in the offense, and he will be more productive than Bosh.

Marion plays good defense. He is the definition of a solid player. Well rounded, known for his D. I can see him being effective on both sides of the ball. Prediction: 20 double doubles.

Mike Miller’s legs and back looked good. He ditched his long hair and played ok. He had some threes get away from him, but also made a some buckets. He appeared active on defense and was communicating a lot.

A.J. Price. A.J. Price… I’m not going to lie, I’ve never heard of him. So while I was in my great box seat thanks to CST, I was scouting him out. He impressed me. My notes are somewhat incomplete unfortunately, but he plays solidly and was all over the court. I look forward to watching him play.

I will leave TT and Varejao alone because we all know them, but I have one final note.

LeBron loves Dion. And that’s important. Dion is the dark horse of this team. People not from Cleveland don’t know Dion Waiters. We will use him a lot this year. LeBron passed it to Dion a lot, and communicated with him. Look to see Dion shine this year.

As far as scheme goes, we were fast with the ball. When we in-bounded it someone is running the court. We are fast paced.

And for the coaching staff, don’t be frightened by Blatt’s inexperience in the NBA. We have an All-Star coaching staff. I’m not going to go in depth, but look up some of those guys if you don’t believe me.

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