Yes, I originally wrote an article about Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson saying that the team should rest him this past week against the Baltimore Ravens. Now, this was with the idea that Watson was NOT medically cleared and that if the Browns played him it would be in the…

“Hey, champ – suck it up and get out there.” Sort of idea…

Well, that wasn’t the case as Watson was medically cleared and good to go Sunday. It was Deshaun himself who decided that he wasn’t able to play and this is disappointing. We all saw how the team performed in Cleveland with backup quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR) under center.

The final score was 28-3 and it was a complete and utter disaster.

Here’s what I want to know.

Look, the Browns are paying this guy 230 million dollars of guaranteed money over the course of five seasons. To be skipping games makes sense when it’s a serious injury. However, he was deemed good to go by the medical staff beforehand.

My thinking is that if that staff cleared me, I’d be feeling like…


I remember that LeBron James clip on Instagram showing him screaming and bragging about working on an off day after a back-to-back. It’s that kind of energy from Deshaun after being cleared that I want.

LeBron screaming in said video.

But, no.

Instead, it was a, “Meh, I’m not feelin’ it. I’ll chill on the sidelines texting my ladies and  watching DTR suck it up all afternoon against a rival of ours.” 

Yeah, I went there. Sorry.

What’s scary is thinking about the future and if Deshaun is really committed to these Browns and winning games for the team. After all, his contract is guaranteed. He could literally never throw a pass again and still make all of that money from the team. That’s why contracts with incentives are great for players and their performance. It gives them more of a purpose in order to make that cash.

Next week is a bye week for the Browns. This is good so Deshaun and the rest of the team can heal from injuries and be ready to play the 49ers at home on the 15th.

Now, we’ll just have to see if Deshaun is ready to play on Sunday. Hope he doesn’t get any paper cuts or anything that could have him decide to once again sit out another game.

This is the link to said LeBron video on Instagram. CLICK HERE

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