The shining April sun glistens, the air starts to warm and Cleveland fans are excited for…meaningful basketball in April? Yeah, that’s right! It’s the first time since 2010 that the Cavaliers have a chance to make the playoffs. A dreadfully long four year absence filled with disappointing basketball that warped the Wine and Gold from a top-tiered team in the league to a bottom feeder at best. Now, we’re ever so slowly climbing back up to the top of the NBA.

Of course, some of the bitter Cleveland fans will try to argue that the 8th seed means nothing, or that the East was a terrible conference this year. Do I think the Cavaliers would win the NBA Championship if they landed the 8th seed? Well, of course not. However, sometimes it’s not just about winning it all. Especially with our current situation.

@ Orlando, @ Atlanta, vs Charlotte, vs Detroit, @ Milwaukee, vs Boston & vs Brooklyn to finish off the year. That’s the April schedule and the seven opponents that are between the Cavs and a sacred playoff birth. None of those teams are elite, and the Cavaliers will be able to compete with each and every squad out to get them moving forward. We made it through a very difficult month of March schedule wise with a 6-9 record. April is a piece of cake compared to what the Cavs have already been through. It’s time we capitalize on the easy schedule. 

It’s apparent that the Cavs are built of mostly young players with no prior playoff experience. We should be hungry like the wolf for these guys to get some action in postseason even if it’s the four game minimum. Additionally, this gives the Cavs confidence going into next year slated as a playoff team. At the same time, Cleveland definitely becomes a more attractive spot for free agents such as Portland PF LaMarcus Aldridge, Minnesota’s Kevin Love or of course Lebron James himself to come play basketball here next year. Cleveland in the playoffs is a clear sign of forward progress.

We all know how funny the game basketball can be. Once the postseason hits, anything can happen. After all, the Cavaliers just beat the current number one seeded Indiana Pacers on Sunday by double digits at the Q. In a best of seven series, let’s just say Indiana will have to put in an effort to knock out the steaming hot Cavs. 

Finally, I’m just as excited about the Indians starting as you are. After that magical run to the postseason last year, how couldn’t you be? However, I’d like us all to appreciate these last seven games for the Cavaliers as we turn to Tribe mode. A playoff series could be exactly what this city needs to jumpstart our sports successes, and amazingly the Cavaliers have that opportunity right in front of them!

Let’s be real. It’s time to see the Cavaliers back in the playoffs. Put your hands in, call it out, and fight for that final spot with all you’ve got, boys!

Go Cavs!

-Zach Shafron


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