Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

McCarthyism and the Browns

No, this isn’t about the Second Red Scare of the 1950’s. It is, however, about the scare the orange and brown can to put into everyone they face. A major step in making that happen is landing a proficient head coach and for the Browns that search has been underway for some weeks now. One of the latest prospects to that list is Mike McCarthy. After serving the 49ers as offensive coordinator for a season, McCarthy was hired by the Packers in 2006 to lead them to the promised land…and lead them he did. In the 2010 season, McCarthy and crew would go on to become the Super Bowl XLV Champions. As the old adage goes though, all good things must come to an end.

In the 48 hours since McCarthy and the Packers parted ways, there has been plenty of talk on where McCarthy could end up next season. Tampa has come up. Jason Garrett’s job is always on the edge, so Dallas could be a possibility, too. This could also be Marvin Lewis’ final year in Cincy, so there’s that. One possibility that comes across more likely than those, however, is the Browns. It’s no secret that Cleveland GM John Dorsey has strong ties to Green Bay, a personal history that proves to hold great relevance here.

While Dorsey has plucked both players and staff from the Packers organization, the case of Mike McCarthy poses a much more tricky scenario. Whoever comes in next has to be a great fit in working with Baker Mayfield. That’s not to say Baker has to approve of the guy, rather, it refers to having a head coach who calls plays relevant to Baker’s skill set.  Of course, there is far more to being a head coach than simply knowing your pass plays, but the importance of a head coach playing to his quarterback’s strengths cannot be understated.

Look at what happened between last season and this one with the L.A. Rams and quarterback Jared Goff.  Goff’s rookie year was 2016 under head coach Jeff Fisher. By the time the season was over, some critics even started dropping the b-word (as in bust) when Goff’s name came up in discussions.  The following season they hire the young Sean McVay who was an ideal fit with the style in which Goff operated.  Now, look at that pairing and the team.  The Rams could very well be the next Super Bowl champs. What a concept that would be for our Brownies here on the north coast.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, thanks for bearing with me because that detour was to show why Mike McCarthy may or may not be a fit for the Browns. It’s no secret he and Rodgers didn’t get along. Should Browns fans be worried about that or was it more of an isolated clashing between McCarthy and Rodgers’ specific personality? Personally, I’m not losing sleep over that. My concern is whether or not his style fits Baker’s. That connection has to happen or it’s all for naught.

Full disclosure, I’d prefer Gregg Williams at the controls over McCarthy. Maybe Josh McDaniels is the best fit. Maybe it’s Iowa State’s, Matt Campbell. Maybe it’s none of them and there’s some dark horse out there no one has considered yet.  Whatever the case, like it or not, we fans are putting all of our faith into Dorsey and hoping he doesn’t lean toward McCarthy simply because of a green and yellow past.

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