Baker Mayfield’s performance in the last few games has unfortunately not been up to the standard that Browns fans have become accustomed to from where he was at the beginning of the season. Not all of this is his fault, though. The Browns have been plagued by injuries in key positions and some of his biggest targets are out for the season. That being said, Mayfield has managed to lead the Browns to a respectful 7-3 season while throwing for 1850 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Unfortunately, he has thrown 11 interceptions in those 10 games. Mayfield is averaging about one interception per game and has to look to make better descensions if he wants to keep the Browns winning and make a push for a playoff spot.

Coming off of a few close wins the last few weeks, Mayfield looks to add one more against the Titans. The Browns are about equal to them in total points scored this season and total points allowed.

Mayfield can lead the Browns to something that has not been achievable in the last few seasons.

A playoff birth.

Mayfield is sadly without his top receiver for the rest of the season in Odell Beckham Junior, who has definitely been a difference-maker this season for not only Mayfield but for the whole organization as well. This makes a well-deserved playoff birth difficult without him. In the last few games, the Browns have been able to pull away with a win…but barely. Five points with the Eagles and three with the Texans. Mayfield did not play well in those last games and there is no doubting that. But the games before those, besides the turnovers and getting the crap beaten out of him week in and week out, he has done pretty alright in my book.

The Browns are 7-3.

Some say it’s a fluke and some say that this is the weirdest part of 2020. I say it’s neither. Mayfield is a good quarterback. He is young and sometimes makes stupid descensions, but he is a good quarterback. Mayfield is doing the best with what he has. What else do young people do these days? We make stupid decisions. Mayfield will grow out of this in due time and ultimately be the Browns franchise quarterback for years to come. Many more wins ahead for the Browns as long as Mayfield is at the helm on the offensive side of the ball.

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