Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

Marquese Chriss – The Boom and the Bust

Coming out of the Univerity of Washington, Marquese Chriss was considered a boom or bust prospect. His highlight videos were filled with high flying dunks, soaring blocks, and a smooth shooting stroke from deep. Boom.

His weaknesses included an inability to rebound and play defense consistently, despite his size at 6’10”. Bust

The Sacramento Kings took a chance on the boom and made Chriss the 8th pick of the 2016 NBA Draft, subsequently trading his draft rights to the Phoenix Suns.

Chriss started 75 games his rookie campaign. Once again, he put up a number of flashy highlights, but only managed to produce single-digit scoring and rebound averages.

His play over the next two seasons diminished to the point Phoenix traded him to the Houston Rockets.

With Houston, Chriss saw the floor an average of six minutes per game. He averaged one point and a rebound, in 16 games.

Fast forward to February 4th of this year. Chriss and Brandon Knight, who ironically was also traded to the Rockets along with Chriss, were dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland, after the departure of LeBron James, is going young and looking for talent anywhere they can find it.

Since arriving in Cleveland, Chriss is averaging 18 minutes per game. He has had multiple strong performances, including an impressive 23-point game against the Brooklyn Nets. The game included a Chriss dunk that almost put Brooklyn defender Jarret Allen through the hoop, along with the ball.

Once again, Chriss has flashed the potential of a promising young piece for the Cavaliers. Can he maintain the boom this time? Or will he revert to the bust?

1 thought on “Marquese Chriss – The Boom and the Bust

  1. I’m hoping a young team will evolve into a great team! I don’t know a lot about sports today, but it seems like greatness follows the money 💰. Loyalty not so much. Great article!

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