Marcus Peters on the Trade Block?

Recent speculation is the Chiefs may be shopping cornerback Marcus Peters. The 2x Pro-Bowler has been the topic of trade rumors by NFL reporters, Mike Florio and Jason La Canfora the past week.

There doesn’t seem to be any firm validity to these rumors; however, the Chiefs recently signing David Amerson and acquiring Kendall Fuller via trade has raised the question whether Peters is in the Chiefs’ long-term plans.

Peters has accumulated 19 interceptions the past three seasons, the most in the league over that time. Oh, by the way, he accomplished that in his first three seasons before the age of 25! Additionally, Peters’ 2018 base salary is just $1.74 million – a bargain relative to his production and demand at the position.

So why would the Chiefs be shopping him? Peters is a restricted free agent at the end of 2018 when he’ll be eligible to opt for a bigger contract unless the team franchise tags him or matches the highest offer. This could be a reason the Chiefs consider trading Peters; their cap room situation is ugly. Compared to the Browns’ $110,000,000 million in cap space this off-season, the Chiefs have $12,000. That’s bound to improve in 2019; however, it would be foolish of the Chiefs to not consider another team’s offer given the scenario they could lose him for nothing. This is where the Browns become an intriguing trade partner, if you haven’t already connected the dots.

John Dorsey was the former Chiefs GM, responsible for drafting Peters and is also responsible for poor cap management and the predicament the Chiefs find themselves in. Most likely the major reason why Dorsey was fired. This begs the question – Would the Chiefs deal with Dorsey? Is the asking price worth giving up draft assets?

In any scenario, the Chiefs are not going to give up Peters at a discount. Actually, it makes more sense they consider offers after the conclusion of the 2018 season or this season’s trade deadline. Especially given how little he’s owed this season for a player of his caliber.

It’s important to remember and hard to forget the Browns have ample collateral to offer and most importantly are hungry for playmakers, especially in the secondary. Can Dorsey facilitate trade negotiations among his former confidants? As the sunshine scooter so eloquently phrases, not so fast my friend! There is a condition, I would only consider giving up a 1st rounder, two 2nd rounders or whatever the price tag may be only under the assumption the Browns could lock Peters up long-term, contractually. Without that being negotiated, the point is moot.

For now, the rumors are more likely fiction than fact, yet a situation fans should monitor as the combine and free agency period approaches.

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