Many Issues to Fix Before Season Starts

Cue the people shouting: “IT’S JUST PRESEASON! RELAX! IT’S THE BACKUPS!”

Congratulations, you have more chill than I do. However, it’s all we have to base our judgments on, so why not take a look and see what can be improved? No one is saying the Browns are going 4-12 because a third-stringer jumped offsides…

On Saturday afternoon, the team beat the Colts, 21-18, on the road. It was mainly backups that played as Mayfield, OBJ, Landry, Chubb, Ward, Garrett and others did not take the field.

Here is the one argument I will make about why this even matters.


Doesn’t that extend to everyone within the organization?

Backup or not, a team’s culture is a standard that everyone is held to for the season. Thus, I am a bit concerned about Freddie Kitchens. I like him; I think he can be a great coach.

Unfortunately, the Browns committed 13 penalties for 119 yards. Additionally, I saw so many missed tackles and plays that should have been made and were not.

These guys should not be making such stupid penalties, regardless of who they are.

Why I don’t like the preseason, as I mentioned already, is because it’s not the guys that are going to be playing Week 1. However, that I what we were given to watch and so that will be what is analyzed.

Week 3 in Tampa Bay is when most of the starters play at least a half. I will look for the team to make fewer penalties, finish off plays and have some discipline.

The kicking was also not very good. Even with the Browns spending a 5th-round pick on Austin Seibert, as they have Greg Joseph, too. More on that HERE

All of this is taken will a grain of salt.

P.S. Watch this amazing punt by the Scottish Hammer!

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