Many Bad Losses – This May Be The Worst

This Cleveland Browns team finds unique ways to make the fanbase miserable. A 24-19 loss to the lowly Denver Broncos just added to a season that has already gone the complete opposite way than expected.

Denver played their third-string quarterback, Brandon Allen, who hadn’t thrown a ball in the NFL before.

It appears that head coach (for now) Freddie Kitchens has lost the locker room. The defense doesn’t give too much of an effort because the offense won’t do its part.

The Browns kicked four field goals in the first half, blowing chance after chance to take command of this game.

Wide receivers Odell Beckam Jr. and Jarvis Landry were forced to change cleats at halftime. Yeah, I defended them on Twitter, but they knew the rules. It’s these types of choices that prevent teams from becoming great and serve as distractions instead.

The most interesting thing about this game is the Browns lost despite:

More first downs

More total yards

More total plays

More completions

Less penalties and penalty yards

More time of possession

Truly, it is amazing to lead the stat sheet in all of those key indicators and still lose the game. It leads us to this idea that Kitchens and this team is simply missing that “it” factor. That indescribable ability to execute and win games. Something that storied franchises like the Patriots and Steelers have always had.

Whether Kitchens gets fired this week, I find it hard to see him surviving past this season unless things drastically change.

We have defensive backs threatening media members on Twitter, a quarterback partially shaving his mustache after the game and a wide receiver that is about ready to blow up.

This was supposed to be the year of change.

The year that the Browns finally became good again and took their rightful place atop of the AFC North and got in the playoffs.

Yeah, right. Wishful thinking…

Now, it looks like fans may start thinking about draft positioning instead of playoff seeding.

There are eight games left to turn this 2-6 team around. The worst part about this year compared to others is that it simply was supposed to be a better showing.

Much, much better.

From the head coach to the quarterback and even the defense, too. Everyone is to blame. Each week is more and more disappointing.

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