Cleveland Indians pitcher, Zach McAllister began the 2014 campaign on fire. The right hander started out 3-0, but has gone 0-4 since. McAllister didn’t last more than two innings in his past two outings. The 26 year old was diagnosed with a lower back injury, opening up an opportunity for one of Cleveland’s youngsters.

Correspondingly, T.J. House answered the call. House was originally promoted to relieve and solidify a depleted bullpen. The left hander made his debut May 17th, pitching one scoreless inning against Oakland. After McAllister visited the disabled list and two consecutive extra inning games, House was etched in the starting rotation.

The rookie started his first career game in Baltimore and it was a game to forget. House surrendered five runs on 11 hits over six innings resulting in a loss to the Orioles. Don’t fret; the 24 year old would quickly turn it around.

Despite two no decisions, House only allowed one run to the White Sox and two to the Red Sox. The rookie is just getting it started and hopes to stick around for awhile. In four appearances, House registered a 3.79 earned run average, but also a 13:5 strikeout to walk ratio.

Not only is T.J. House filling in some massive shoes, but those shoes might never be returned. House adds a left arm to a rotation dominated by right-handers. This gives opposing teams something to ponder when creating a lineup. Also, left handed pitchers are uncommon giving a slight advantage versus batters.

Regardless of experience, T.J. House looks promising and may be the lefty we have been missing since dare I say, C.C. Sabathia. A little over exaggerated, but you get the point, I am on the House bandwagon.

-Max Gold

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